This is the story of the fight between Vera and Rodrigo for their son, João, who is eleven years old. Vera and Rodrigo married under the influence of an intense passion.

    Then the marriage swings between the fire of passion and the concepts of life each one of them has, exact opposites. Vera is an up-and-coming lawyer and Rodrigo is an agricultural engineer. Vera is a city girl. Rodrigo loves the countryside and the world of bulls.

    Vera cannot adjust to rural life nor Rodrigo to city life. Eduardo is a brilliant lawyer. And he has a diabolical mind. He doesn’t want there to be any reconciliation between Vera and Rodrigo. His evil motivations are many. In the past, in Angola, when he was doing his military service, Eduardo swore vengeance on João Maria, Rodrigo’s father. Now, for the first time in his life, Eduardo has fallen in love, with Vera. And he can’t bear the thought that she still wants a man that he hates.