Long-running series


    A world where vampires exist and live a secret life amongst humans. It is the story of an impossible love between Isabel – a normal teenage girl - and Afonso, a vampire trying hard to hide his identity.

    In Vale da Luz boarding school, in Sintra, students experience the typical problems and adventures that mark the transition between adolescence and adulthood, unaware that there are night creatures among them.

    Afonso, Henrique, and Beatriz attend the boarding school and have been living among humans thanks to the truce putting an end to the century-old fight between humans and vampires. When the pact is broken by Luz Eterna (Eternal Light), a radical group that wants to find out the secret of immortality from these creatures, the war between both worlds restarts.

    That is also when Afonso and Isabel fall in love and experience a Romeo and Juliet-style love affair. Lua Vermelha is a story of teenagers and vampires, filled with humanity and strong emotions.




    - USA