Álvaro and Maria do Carmo Mendonça had a happy life in Angola. Álvaro was a successful businessman and Maria do Carmo a peaceful housewife. They have two children together, Ana and João, who were studying and living their adolescence in the streets of Luanda. Until the civil war came and everything was rushed. Between pronounces of independence, a wave of violence cracked and the well-fair and order disappeared.

    In July 1975, leaving behind all belongings of a lifetime of work, the Mendonça’s – along with over five hundred thousand people – embarks on a shuttle that would mark the largest exodus in the history of Portuguese people, towards a land that most knew only from photographs and to which they called then “Metropolis”.

    With each episode starting from a relevant event of that time (political or social), by using archival footage of RTP (Rádio e Televisão Portuguesa), “New Beginning” tells us the story of a period, which is reflected in the “tales” of a family that, suddenly, sees herself as foreign in her own country. It is not only the portrait of the Mendonça’s family – from the day they “return” to a world where they have never been and was never theirs before, until they find their place –; but the picture of a new Portugal which also had to let go of its past and live the future.