1996. The story starts in New Year’s Eve, when two sisters, Júlia and Raquel (18 and 24 years-old at that moment), go out with a group of friends to celebrate the event. Although the it is a moment for partying, Júlia spends the whole night without drinking. Her sister confronts her, and Júlia ends up confessing she is pregnant. On their way home, Raquel runs over a man who was crossing the road. In an act of panic, she runs away against Júlia’s will, who insists they have to return and help him; yet Júlia refuses by the fact she has been drinking and it will show up in the analysis. During the argue, the police shows up and Júlia lies by saying she was the one who was driving the car when they hit the man – she does it to protect her sister, convinced her action will not have severe consequences. What Júlia did not expect was the victim died in the hospital, turning the case into homicide and run. Moreover, that man was their father’s creditor, which increased the suspicions of premeditated crime. Júlia was convicted to 18 years in prison for qualified homicide. Her boyfriend visits her once, only for admitting he is not prepared for dealing with a situation like that and to put an end on their relationship. By seeing his younger daughter behind bars, Júlia’s father (her mother died giving birth to her) becomes physically incapacitated, and eventually dies with a heart attack.

    A few months after being arrested, Júlia gives birth to a girl, Mariana, who gives to the care of her sister until she leaves prison. She makes Raquel promise to never tell the truth to her daughter, but instead say she is travelling around the world. In the first months, Raquel still visits her sister every week but, after marrying Zé Maria and being diagnosed with fibroids in the uterus which required a hysterectomy, she will get attached to Mariana. In addition to all this, Júlia herself did not want Mariana growing up and seeing her in prison; which takes Raquel to disconnect completely from Júlia, abandoning her to her own luck.

    After 16 years in prison, Júlia gets out on parole, and the inevitable reunion with her sister happens, with Raquel managing to keep Júlia apart from Mariana. In this controversial stage of her life, Júlia meets Duarte, a disappointed diplomat who had just returned from Brussels.

    Now, Júlia has only one purpose in life: to get closer to her daughter, creating conditions to tell her everything that happened, and without Mariana rejecting her.