"Fatima and the World" shows us how the worship and devotion to Our Lady of Fatima is spread out through the world.

    From a church in continental China, a statue on the peak of the Everest, a shrine in a Native-American community in Arizona, Soweto in South Africa or a procession on the border of South and North Korea.

    Our Lady of Fatima is patroness of countries such as Vietnam or the Philippines.

    Historically, the prophecies are linked to big events such as the Second World War, the miracle of Pope John Paul II surviving the 13th of May 1981 attack on his life, the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    The apparition in Fatima made Our Lady, mother of Jesus, even more universal. In the name of Our Lady of Fatima, many shrines, churches, caves, hospitals, universities, schools and avenues rose all around the world. And many are the Graces; Callings, Cures and Conversions that are attributed to Her.

    The 3 main figures of the Catholic Church in the 20th century were particularly devoted to Our Lady of Fatima; Saint Pio; Mother Teresa of Calcutta; the blessed John Paul II.


    A documental series divided in 6 episodes:

    1st - Fatima a Miracle in Europe, The History

    2nd - Fatima a Miracle in Europe, Shrines and Testimonies

    3rd - Fatima and South America

    4th - Fatima and North America

    5th - Fatima and Africa

    6th - Fatima and Asia and Oceania


    - The Three Shepherd Children

    - Fatima and the Popes



    - EUA, PUERTO RICO, CANADA (Episode 3 + Extras)

    - POLAND

    - PANAMA (in process...)