A story of betrayal and revenge.

    The struggle for power.

    How to build and destroy an empire.

    The world of Winter Sun is firmly anchored in contemporary reality.

    Winter Sun tells the story of different universes and human natures. It is a mixture of the life of high society, business and ordinary people. A story where we witness power struggles, ego clashes, love and resilience.

    The main plot revolves around a company that produces and markets a famous brand of shoes, BOHEME: luxury, chic and cosmopolitan.

    The telenovela focuses on a female environment where players are great women who do not need great men because they can stand up for themselves. Great women with their flaws, errors, obsessions and strength to fight for what they want.

    There is also the struggle of a couple against unemployment, of workers to keep their jobs, the survival of small businesses to multinationals, those who earn little and decided to have a better life and young people who do not want to emigrate. Winter Sun is a story that aims to be close to the current reality of viewers. A modern fresco depicting real problems, but where the message of Hope and its final triumph is always there.

    A telenovela about the power of greed and the power of love.


    Winter Sun. Life as it is.



    2014 | AQUILA AWARDS
    Best Telenovela 2014