“Day by Day” is a telenovela committed to fill our evenings with daily stories of ordinary people during times of austerity in Portugal.

    People who suffer from the crisis, lack of employment, struggle to pay the rent, feel the need to emigrate to search for work, but who refuse to give up and fight for a better life, following the trends of change in our society, finding new ways of working and different housing models, and investing in the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship. Despite the difficulties, all fight their way to survive the crisis.

    In this context, Marta Brito, a humble single mother, tries hard to provide a comfortable life to bother her daughters. Yet, everything changes when she is told her youngest, Beatriz, has a rare and severe wealth problem. Her other daughter, Susana, decides to search for Beatriz’s father, Rodrigo Macedo, a wealthy man who can afford the operation abroad that Beatriz needs. Rodrigo, who did not even know he had a daughter, agrees to pay for the operation, but in exchange he requires the child’s custody. This will be Marta’s greatest dilemma in life: to save her daughter, she will not have other choice but to give her up.

    Rodrigo will end up using Beatriz, by a mean way, to get closer to Marta again. However, the return of Gabriel, Rodrigo’s cousin, to Portugal will complicate his plans. Gabriel will also fall in love with Marta and then become his cousin’s competition. At the same time, he will fight Rodrigo and his uncle over the management of Mob&Line, the furniture factory of the family Macedo Gouveia.

    “Day by Day”. A very modern telenovela, a mirror of our time and people, with a dramatic tone, some comedy and lots of emotion, where we follow the lives of common people who not only show us how the country and the Portuguese people are changing, but also that are still those who fight and succeed despite the crisis.