A TV-magazine format broadcasted on a weekly basis. A “road movie” series about two famous women cooks who ride across Lisbon on a very special van, bringing traditional Portuguese food to the street and the people. Along the way, we get to learn more of typical gastronomy, our regions and even the capital, Lisbon.

    On each episode, Filipa Vacondeus and Filipa Gomes lead us on a culinary journey through a region of Portugal and show us how these same regions find expression in the capital.

    The expedition begins with the introduction of the region and the choice of usually three receipts: soap, main course and desert. We follow them on their search for especial ingredients at an especial grocery store or market, where one can find a little bit of the region they are portraying in terms of gastronomy. Then, they take us to an improbable place that is somehow connected to the respective region and where they will invite people to stay and watch the confection, share their knowledge and taste the meal. By the end of each episode, we learn the guest’s opinions while both Filipa’s take a break and plan the next journey.