Long-running series


    “Tell Me How It Happened” is a series adapted from the Spanish original Cuentame como pasó. It is an extraordinarily successful show broadcast on RTVE, now in its 8th season and with over 180 episodes.

    The story follows the day-to-day life of a middle class family, the Lopes, who live in a flat in a council housing estate in Lisbon in the late 60s. António, the father, Margarida, the mother, Hermínia, the grandmother, and Toni, Isabel and Carlos, the kids, have financial difficulties, but can still afford a television set. This TV set becomes the new «family member» and will occupy a predominant place in the Lopes household.

    The narrator is the adult voice of Carlos, the youngest son, who was eight years old in 1968. It is through his childhood perspective that we will be told the family story and the social, economical and political events in the country’s History, as well as the rest of the world. Using television and radio archive footage and commentary, as well as historical reconstitution, always present in the Lopes family life, Carlos’s narrative becomes alive and authentic.

    The audience is presented with the latest fashion developments of the era, technological innovations, new products, magazines and newspapers, cars and motorcycles... things that belonged to an age where inventions such as the cell-phone with photo camera where nothing but futuristic dreams, and where young people yearned for the Eurovision Song Contest instead of high-tech digital movies.

    The series is about the way of thinking of a closed society, the social ambitions and roles of men and women, of the young and the old, the taboos of the period and the gradual and distrusting opening to new mentalities.

    The aim of “Tell Me How It Happened” is to portray, through fiction, life and the since 1968; without a moralistic approach, nostalgia and judgement, with the desire to expose the past with the certainty that is an opportunity to remember, review and relive a time which is part of the personal history of millions of Portuguese people.


    2008 | ATV – Viewers’ Association

    Award for Best Portuguese Television Programme in 2007

    2010 | 1st SP/RTP Authors Awards

    Award for Best Fiction in 2009 / Series

    2014 | Lumen Awards - RTP

    Award for Best Fiction Ever by RTP