When Emília Castilho finds out her husband has a double life, she hires Amadeu to kill his other wife and their two-year baby girl. However, Amadeu only has the courage to kill Júlia and leaves the child at an orphanage, never losing her trace. 23 years later, Alice, the child who has grown up at the orphanage, has no money to pay her rent and so she decides to pawn the only connection she has to her birth mother: a golden medallion. However, before going through with it, Alice is robbed and the medallion ends up falling into the hands of Emília. Emília then realizes that Amadeu has betrayed her and makes him an ultimatum to force him to search for Alice and kill her. After losing everything, Alice goes back to the residential of Amadeu, who has always treated her like a daughter. When Amadeu discovers he is seriously ill and will die soon, he decides to tell her part of the truth. Amadeu let her know that Emília is responsible for her mother’s death without revealing he was the one who did it.

    Now Alice has only one purpose in life: to revenge on Emília Castilho, the woman who stole her mother from her and deprived Alice from having a happy childhood and grow up with her family.

    But what Alice doesn’t know is that the boy she has fell in love with, Guilherme, is the son of Emília and Álvaro is actually her real father. When Alice arrives to the company, home and life of Castillo Family, nothing will ever be the same again. Without knowing anything about her, the three members of the family will let themselves be charmed by Alice: Guilherme falls madly in love, Emília trusts her blindly, and even Álvaro, her real father, meets a change.

    In this story, there are many other groups of characters, such as the ones living in Amadeu’s residential, the creative people working at the Advertising Agency and the Jewellery of Castillo Family, from the orphanage where Alice grew up, the comic groups like the house of Fado and the taxi company, to the Colaço and Ribeiro Families.